Our class project is to annotate and introduce some four of García Lorca’s poetic manifestos. This post, in development, will list existing resources for this project.

  1. Teoría y juego del duende, 1a. edición crítica anotada de José Javier León. Athenaica, 2018. A paper version has been ordered for the library, and a PDF version is also available for 9.90 euros. See also the same scholar’s commentary El duende, hallazgo y cliché, also available in the library as a paper book, and as a PDF for 9.90.

2. We are not annotating these texts, but note the existence of a critical edition of Suites, and the availability of the texts of Alocuciones. The critical edition would be interesting to see, and the radio and other occasional speeches and lectures Lorca gave early on might help contextualize the lectures and manifestos we are working on.