Course Books

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Textos básicos nuestros (lecturas obligatorias, en reserva en Dupré)
Butler, Christopher. Modernism. A very short introduction. Oxford UP 2010. 9780192804419.
García Lorca, Federico. Obra completa. Ediciones de Bolsillo 2018, 978-0747544456.
Graham, Helen. The Spanish civil war. A very short introduction. Oxford UP 2006. 978-0192803771
Stainton, Leslie. Lorca: a dream of life. Bloomsbury Books 2013, 978-0747544456.
Winkiel, Laura. Modernism: the basics. Routledge 2017, 978-0–415-71370-2.

Textos de Lorca en inglés (lecturas alternativas de Lorca para los que necesitan más apoyo en inglés, también en reserva en Dupré)
García Lorca, Federico. Collected poems. Translated by Christopher Maurer. Farrar, Strauss and Giroux 2002 (revised edition). 978-0374526917.
—. In search of duende. Trans. Maurer et al. New Directions. 978-0811218559.
—. Poet in New York. Bilingual edition, trans. Simon and White. Introduction by Christopher Maurer. Includes translations of Lorca’s letters to his family, a lecture on the volume by Lorca, and notes on the poems by Maurer. 2d edition, revised.
Farrar, Strauss and Giroux 2013, 978-0374533762.
—. The public and Play without a title. New Directions 1983. 978-0811208819.

Lecturas suplementales y recreacionales (recomendados)
García Lorca, Federico. A season in Granada: uncollected poems and prose. Edited and translated by Christopher Maurer. 1998.
—. Epistolario completo. Cátedra, 2017. 9788437615165.
—. Impossible theatre. Five plays and thirteen poems. Trans Svitch. 2000. 978-157525228. This book is very useful and we have it in the library, but it is also worth owning. Barnes & Noble seems to be one of the better places to buy it.
—. In search of duende. Prose selections translated by Christopher Maurer; poems translated by Norman di Giovanni et al. 1998.
—. Plays one, Plays two, Plays three. Trans. Gwynne Edwards et al. Methuen Drama. 1: 2008, 978-0413157805. 2: 1990, 978-0413622600. 3: 1994, 978-0413652409.
—. Selected letters. Trans. David Gershator. 1980.
—. When five years pass. 978-1447527152. Translation in Lulu.
García Lorca, Francisco. In the green morning. Memories of Federico. Trans. Maurer. New Directions, 1980.
Schulman, Aaron. The age of disenchantments. Ecco, 2019.
Stone, Rob. Flamenco Tradition in the Works of Federico García Lorca and Carlos Saura: The Wounded Throat (Edwin Mellen, 2004). Available through Interlibrary Loan.