Cante jondo and flamenco

La bailaora flamenca La Argentinita, que colaboraba con Lorca, 1916
Charles Hirschkind discussing the musical geographies of al-Andalus

… and folklore and identity, all four of these terms are key words in Lorca. There’s a new book on flamenco and the creation of Spanish identity by Sandie Holguín. Her earlier book, also relevant for us, is on the creation of Spanish identity during the Second Republic (1931-1936), when Lorca was active.

Charles Hirschkind, meanwhile, is a scholar working on the Islamic roots of Flamenco, blotted out by nationalist historiography but recovered by Lorca and his associates. The sought to rediscover Spain’s ties to the Middle East, and the pan-Mediterranean and north African roots of its culture.

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